Grab Your Guitar!

Let's Jam...

And Turn Your Next Jam Session Into A Game That Rocks When You Roll.

You Can Start Jamming Today!  It Takes Less Than 5 Seconds To Get Started With This New Dice Game...

Chord Dice Guitar Games Tell You What Chords To Play

It's a fun new way to mess around with chords on the guitar or any instrument for that matter -  like a ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and piano.  Just roll the dice and start jamming with the chords you rolled.

You Still Decide Which Chords Sound Best

Let your ears be your guide as you play Chord Dice Guitar Games.  Explore new combinations of chords – both major chords & minor chords.  You can even play Chord Dice to come up with new melodies.  Just keep rolling the dice until you find exactly what you want to hear.  It’s that easy.  To Rock, Just Roll.

Ideal For Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Guitar Players

Take your jam session to the next level.  Find new chord progressions.  And let the dice give you a fresh place to start jamming.  The possibilities are endless.

To Rock, Just Roll!