Dice and Guitar

Love the Dice! Very creative tool – wrote 2 songs the first time I used them!

-Mark Isham

Grammy and Emmy Award winning, Academy Award nominated, film composer and jazz musician


Defy The Learning Curve

Chord Dice was inspired by my longest standing guitar student Bailey, who asked me “which chords go together”.  My early attempts to explain music theory failed, miserably.  After much brainstorming, trial, and error – Chord Dice was born.

I took the chords of a major key and numbered them 1 through 7 so Bailey could learn the numbering system and music theory at her own pace.  This numbering system indicates a chord’s relationship to a root key.

The green dice are the key of G major chords and the red dice are the key of C major chords.  All diatonic major keys use the same numbering system.  And this numbering system helps you:

  • Include key shifts in your songs
  • Transpose your songs into other keys

Play A New Song

When you roll the Chord Dice, you’re coming up with in-key chord progressions.  The green dice are the chords in the key of G major and the red dice are the key of C major.  Roll the dice and you have another progression to play now.
I wish you guys could have seen the look on Zac’s face when he shared the big news. He walked into the studio with more bravado than usual, so I asked him how his week had gone. Without skipping a beat he said, “I wrote 27 songs this week.” It caught me by surprise because this was the highest number a student had EVER achieved with me and the Chord Dice. He wore the accomplishment well, as any musician should, and the only thing I could think to ask was, “Well . . . what are we going to do today?” He smiled at his mom and then told me with pure conviction, “We’re gonna write song 28!”

I wrote 27 songs this week!


8yr old guitar student

chord dice - electronic musician

Chord Dice - Key of G majorKey of G

Chord Dice PRO!PRO!

  • No Sight Reading Required
  • Save Time Learning, So You Can Play Now
  • Practice Chord Combinations To Find Your Perfect Sound
  • Include Children In The Songwriting Process
  • Improvise On The Fly With Other Musicians
  • Get Your Playing Out Of A Rut
  • You Can Play THOUSANDS Of New Songs
The color-coded system helps you learn which chords go together.  Each di includes all 7 chords of a major key + 1 wildcard. Chord Dice PRO helps you apply all types of extended chords to each of your Chord Dice sets.
Chord Dice rocks when you roll.  You can literally come up with 32,748 chord progressions with a tube of 5.  Of course, not all of those songs will be hits, but there could be a hit song in every tube . . . you just have to find it!

To Rock, Just Roll