3 New Chord Games

Create fresh ideas on your guitar with just a roll of the Chord Dice.

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Start Making Music Today.  It Takes Less Than 5 Seconds To Get Started With These New Dice

The Chord Dice Chord Game Tells You What Chords To Play

It's a fun new way to mess around with chords on the guitar, ukulele, and piano . . . or any instrument for that matter.  Just roll the dice and play the chords you rolled.

You Get To Decide Which Chords Sound The Best

Let your ears be your guide as you play the Chord Dice chord game.  Explore new combinations of chords -major chords, minor chords, and even individual notes.  Just keep rolling the dice until you find exactly what you want to hear.  It's that easy.  To Rock, Just Roll.

You Get Game Strategies And Chords For Every Level Guitar Player

The Chord Dice chord game progresses you through several levels of musicianship.  The game actually begins with notes for complete beginners, then advances to chords and combinations of chords called progressions.  Each level inspires creativity and enjoyment of the guitar.

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